Property Owners Association of Terlingua Ranch Inc is an organization run by property owner elected directors. They are charged with many functions aimed at managing the parcels of the Terlingua Ranch development and amenities arising from property ownership.

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  1. mavis says:

    Don’t bother contacting them for anything they construe as critical. They aren’t likely to respond. Likely the comment goes into the bit bucket.

  2. bob says:

    POATRI announced the lawyer they hired to determine property owner’s road usage rights has submitted his report. They reported they need to revise the road usage policy in light of the recent Suber ruling. They are to release the report after they have redacted parts subject to POATRI’s attorney-client privilege. I have already done an analysis of Texas black letter and case law as it pertains to our rights. There is a link on the blog. It can also be found on my web site.

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