Election Day Rant

Nov 8, 2022

Election day.  There ain’t no cavalry coming no matter how many times Kudlow announces it.  What we have are candidates telling us they will fix all the things the other guys who promised to fix if they were elected but didn’t.  I think things are past fixing.  People are split about 50-50 one side or the other.  I know I don’t want anything to do with the other side and they don’t want anything to do with me.  I got a lot out of law school but the most important thing I got was a good understanding what the U.S. Constitution says.  What’s going on is not what was intended.  And the worst thing that has happened today is not wall to wall coverage of election results but having to sit through Hallmark girl movies while my wife tided the house for an upcoming visit from the daughter.

November 9, 2022

No Red Wave and no cavalry on the way.  And I think this might create a problem if DeSantis’ supporters push him to primary Trump whether he’s successful or not.  That happens DeSantis will be ostracized by the MAGA people and the left will likely win in 2024 matter the Republican candidate.  Che pointed out that revolutions need the strength of the bottom of the population and that ain’t the case now.  There is no strong base of support for a return to the principles of the Constitution.  Look how easy it was for the Government to roll over the people during the Covid debacle.  They just bent over and took it in the rear.  Bleak future.

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