Get a Job

December 1, 2022

I have been watching YouTubes showing motorcycle fuel tanks, Hino trucks, radiator hoses, and all kinds of other things being made in shops in Pakistan.  The working conditions are appalling.  Child labor that would be illegal in the US.  Guys doing things on the job that caused me to cringe.   Low pay, no fringe benefits, and no prospects for a better life.  And they, for the most part, seem cheerful and pleased with the work product they turned out.

Then I see on TV interviews of people in the US on the beach or in the cities being interviewed and giggling at not knowing stuff like who we fought in the American Revolution.  Or demonstrating for the government to pay off their student loans.  Or being triggered by the certain destruction of life as we know it from Climate Change.   And we can’t find workers to come out to The Ranch for more money an hour than those Pakistani workers make all day.  And we provide lunch and gas money for the drive out.  What a frigging disaster!


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