Pat Took A Dive

I’m putting this video in here because YouTube threatened to ban me again for some of my background soundtracks.  When the video was made the voice over and the background music was not kept separate and I can’t get it out.  When I did these I  hadn’t noticed how horrible it was and it’s just too much work and try to reproduce the narration of all those old videos.

Anyway, poor Pat has taken a beating helping me do my work.  She’s a wonderful person who never complains.   So I’m responsible for a broken wrist, a broken leg, and broken pelvis.  As Roger Miller said in a song, “Dang me, Dang me, they oughta get a rope and hang me”.



We didn’t cross the Tasman, we sailed north to Vanuatu then west and down the Coral Sea To Townsville, Au.  A storm caught us while trying to get across the Great Barrier Reef and we spent days tacking back and forth trying to avoid reefs.  The nice Australian Coast Guard guys over flew us and tracked us.  They buzzed us once to read our name and hailing port.  They made us anchor overnight in shallow water with about 2 inches of water under our keel.  We have no inclination to ever go back to NZ or OZ land.  Bye!

The open border crowd doesn’t understand that in the rest of the world you can’t just walk into somebody else’s country.