Politicians are doing it all wrong.

November 17, 2022

Watched the recently elected House GOP tell reporters what they plan to do to correct the screwed up gov.  I was too saddened to laugh.  Here’s how things really work.  Che pointed out that without the support of the bottom of the pile there will be no successful revolution.  The idiot house members are starting their investigations by planning to talk to the wrong end of the cluster fuck.  Each member will get 5 minutes to listen to lies and denials from the interrogatee’s and then cover themselves with smug  self-satisfaction.  Nothing will be learned.  Wrong move.

What they should do, for example, call in a Border Patrol Officer and ask him why he let the illegal aliens walk into the country.  He will likely say his supervisor told him to or maybe point to a memo directing him to.  Next subpoena his supervisor and ask him why he told his subordinate to do that.  Chase the chain to the top.  No one on the bottom wants to face contempt charges for lying about doing what their supervisors told them to do.  On top of that, no peace officer is allowed to violate the law except in dire exigent situations.  Never take the blame for the bad guy.  Concealing corruption is corruption. The common citizen will do the legendary ‘right thing’.

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