The Crane

I don’t usually name things like plants, tools, or vehicles, nonetheless, I should have named that crane we have on the back of The Beast (oops) to load and unload propane tanks.  That thing has been a real pal to Pat and I.  Time before last when we made a propane run it failed to function.  We thought we had a battery failure so Pat ran over to the local hardware store and bought a replacement battery.  Big sucker that was major overkill but the crane went to work.  Problem solved.

Last time we went on a propane run the crane failed again and we knew the battery was good.  We didn’t know if the problem was the crane winch motor or the power supply or the remote control.  Nothing to do but load the tanks by hand.  The propane guy came to the rescue and stepped in.  We made sure he had a nice lunch that day.

Meanwhile, back at The Ranch, I troubleshot the stuff and determined that somewhere in the bowels of the crane winch something was unfathomably broken.  What to do?  Well, throw money at the problem.  Any day now a box will show up on the front porch of the hardware store with my new winch.  It’s not exactly the one that’s on now but I’m sure I can figure how to ‘whip a mod’ on it and we’ll have a new pal.  Think I’ll name the crane because you never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

December 30, 2022:

The new winch came and it looks like, cross your fingers, it might be a swap in and out.   This one has a synthetic cable instead of steel wire.  Hope I’m not going to have to machine the sheaves to fit the new stuff.  But if all else fails I have some aircraft wire rope.  Also, the new winch has a wireless remote control.  Good news is it also has a cabled connector because technology fails just when you need it most.


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