Went to the doctor.

Went to the doctor for my annual Wellness visit.  I’m on Medicare.  I didn’t want to be on Medicare, I don’t like Medicare, and the alternative is a Hobson’s Choice.   The nurse conducting the visit started asking me questions like, do we have smoke alarms.  Am I safe at home.  Do I worry about fires.  Do I worry a lot or have trouble sleeping.  She wanted to know if I repeat myself a lot.  Have trouble remembering stuff.

At first I shrugged it off.  When she asked me if I felt safe I told her I didn’t feel unsafe, I have a gun.  She didn’t think that was funny.  She wanted to give me a cognizance test.   I asked her why she needed to know that and all the other stuff.  She could give me no reasonable answer.  It was all kind of for my own good.  She implied that if I was in danger someone might come out to help.  I was kind of stunned.

When I told her the government didn’t need to know all that stuff she denied working for the government.  Of course she works for the government.  She’s not paid directly by the government but she’s acting as an agent of the government and she’s collecting information that goes into some government database.

I have problems with authority.  I grew up mostly unsupervised.  I have a tendency to be combative, adversarial,  and confrontational.  Not traits that endear me to a lot of involvement in my life by government.  I hope all of this is fixable, but I’m doubtful.

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